Dr. Mike Wilson

Mike Wilson, like everybody else in the program, is a person who stutters. Mike is a passionate coach for people who stutter, stuttering advocate, and the host of the Stutter with Confidence podcast. He is also a husband, father of four, and dentist who owns five dental practices in Upstate, NY.

The Stutter with Confidence program was born after Mike had great success with his own stuttering journey on the road from shame to confidence, and ultimately to control of his stuttering body and mind (see before and after examples of Mike’s speech here). He decided to start the podcast, and later the training and support program, to help as many stutterers as possible to make a similar transition.

In his personal life, Mike enjoys spending time with his family, playing basketball, tennis, hiking, camping, listening to podcasts, and reading history.

To hear more of Mike’s history and full experience with stuttering, read his article written for the International Stuttering Association’s 2020 conference here.

Mike describes the SWC program in this video.

Dr. Mike Wilson