See below to listen to the Stutter with Confidence podcast episodes with SWC founder Mike Wilson and guests.

Unless otherwise explicitly stated, the guests on the podcast have not endorsed, nor were they asked to endorse, the SWC Coaching Program. They are simply sharing their views and experiences on stuttering, and answering the questions posed to them.

Christina Parker

With Christina Parker of the Scottish Stammering Network

Carl Coffey

With Carl Coffey - NSA Board Member

John Hendrickson

Discussing Joe Biden's stutter with John Hendrickson of the Atlantic Magazine

Dr. Scott Yaruss

With Dr Scott Yaruss - Speech therapist, Researcher, and Author

Dr. Barry Guitar

With Dr Barry Guitar - legendary speech therapist, professor, and researcher

Dr. Jyutika Mehta

With Dr Jyutika Mehta - Brain Researcher and Professor of Fluency

John Hendrickson

With John Hendrickson of the Atlantic Magazine

tiffani Kittilstved

With Tiffani Kittilstved - Speech therapist, PhD student, and NSA Chapter Leader

John Gomez

With John Gomez, the director of the award winining film "When I Stutter"

Lisa Costello

With Lisa Costello - NSA Chapter Leader

Rachel McCullough

With Rachel McCullough - Founder and Lead Singer of the band Black Cat Habitat

Daniele Rossi

With Daniele Rossi - host of the popular podcast Stuttering is Cool

Nina G

With Nina G - Comedian and Disability Rights Advocate

Nabiha Khan

With Nabiha Khan - Incredibly self-accepted and confident young lady with a stutter

Kylah Simmons

With Kylah Simmons - News Producer and Stuttering Advocate

Uri Schneider

With Uri Schneider - Speech Language Pathologist and co-Director of the Schneider Speech team

John Mann

With John Mann - Vice Chairman of the Board at the Scottish Stammering Network

Olga Rubio

With Olga Rubio - The Power of Self Approval

Rachel Love Martinez

With Rachel Love Martinez from "When I Stutter" - Rising Up

Dominique Kennedy

With Dominique Kennedy - Becoming the Conductor of our Own Mind

Matthew O'Malley

With Matthew O'Malley - The Pursuit of Attachment and Authenticity

Dr. Kevin Kit

With Dr Kevin Kit - Perception is our Reality

Founder Mike Wilson's audio clips: Sample of his speech up until the age of 41.

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Mike's video: Should we fetishize fluency?

Mike's video: Tough childhood stuttering memories.