Program Description

Every coach/mentor in this program knows exactly what it is like to live with a stutter, and has personally experienced a lot of success in his or her own stuttering journey. 

We consider working on our communication skills to be a “team sport” as we move beyond the psychological and physical struggles of stuttering.

In this program, members will:

  • drastically increase speaking confidence and courage
  • drastically improve communication skills
  • conquer the shame, fear, embarrassment, and holding back of stuttering
  • develop a new speaking mentality that makes talking much more enjoyable
  • learn to struggle much less when speaking by learning world class physical techniques (see some “before and after” examples for yourself here)
  • enjoy a lifetime membership, which entitles you to unlimited coaching, support, and abundant practice opportunities for the rest of your life
  • have fun and make friends who stutter while practicing and improving communication skills at the same time, all within a warm, supportive community to move beyond the feeling of isolation that so often comes with being a person who stutters

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Here is an overview video of the SWC Program from the founder, Mike Wilson.